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General Callisto documents, papers and presentations

1. General documents about Callisto File Issue Date Author
Rough schematic diagram of a Callisto system spectrometerV2.pdf (72 KB) 2.00 2002-12-04
Basic schematic diagram of Callisto spectrometer Callisto block diagram (120 KB) 2.00 2013-01-30 W. D. Reeve, Anchorage/Alaska
Instrument top level schematic HardwareConf.pdf (119 KB) 2.10 2020-07-02 Monstein
Typical students projects: What can I do with Callisto data? What can I do with CALLISTO? (pdf 85 KB) 7.00 2023-04-16 Monstein
Check list for potential hosts, requirements. Checklist (docx 20 KB) 1.00 2020-03-10 Monstein/Reeve
Observation modes modes.pdf (35 KB) 2.00 2010-01-01 Monstein
Mind map for Callisto CallistoMindMap.png (34 KB) 1.00 2002-11-04 Monstein
Schematic for a calibration unit based on relais CalibrationUnitCallisto_Relay.pdf (17 KB) 1.00 2010-07-01 Monstein
Schematic for a calibration unit based on directional couple CalibrationUnitCallisto_DirectionaCoupler.pdf (23 KB) 1.00 2010-07-01 Monstein
Some thoughts about calibration of Callisto spectrometer. Callisto calibration_V01.pdf (107 KB) 1.00 2017-09-16 Monstein
Example of a real calibration unit, manufactured for laboratory use. CalibrationUnit.pdf (677 KB) 1.00 2015-08-31 Monstein
Just for a quick reference, here is an extract from the 2016 version of the Radio Regulations with the frequency allocations for RAS and the corresponding footnotes. RAS-Allocations-RR2016.pdf (214 KB) 1.00 2019-01-29 Hezareh (CRAF)

2. Papers, publications and links File Issue Date Author
Spanish colleague from 'Departamento de Automática. Universidad de Alcalá' developed an EZNEC model for the CLP-5130 antenna. (3 KB) 1.0 2023-06-09 Ángel Martínez Alonso
Solar Radio Observations at Anchorage, Cohoe and HAARP Radio Observatories SARA-contribution.pdf (1208 KB) 1.0 2022-06-04 Monstein & Reeve
Impedance Matching Issue with the CALLISTO Solar Radio Spectrometer Link 0.0 2021-04-19 Monstein & Reeve
Investigation into CME Shock Speed Resulting from Type II Solar Radio Bursts A Newly Designed Half-Wave Dipole Antenna (HWDA) Array System Link * 2020-03-19 F. A. M. Pauzi et. al.
Increase in Interference Levels in the 45 – 870 MHz Band at the Spanish e-CALLISTO Sites over the Years 2012 and 2019 Link * 2020-03-06 Prieto Mateo Manuel et. al.
Articles and Papers Related to Radio and Radio Astronomy by W. Reeve, Anchorage Alaska Link * 2017-09-02 reeve(at)
Direct Observations of Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances as Focusers of Solar Radiation: Spectral Caustics. Analysis based on Callisto-data from different stations. Link 1.0 2019 Artem Koval et. al.
Variable emission mechanism of a Type IV radio burst, D. E. Morosan et al. Among others instruments, data from Callisto Bleien Link 1.0 2019 Morosan et. al.
Extreme Kinematics of the 2017 September 10 Solar Eruption and the Spectral Characteristics of the Associated Energetic Particles Link 1.0 2018-11-14 Gopalswamy, Yashiro et. al
Solar radio emission as a distrubance of aeronautical radionavigation Link 1.0 2018-11-14 Marqué, Klein, Monstein et. al
Oscillations in the 45 – 5000 MHz Radio Spectrum of the 18 April 2014 Flare Marian Karlický, Ján Rybák, Christian Monstein Link 1.0 2017-07-10 M. Karlický, J. Rybák, C. Monstein
Observation of a type II burst with the e-Callisto network TypeII_V00.pdf (1808 KB) 0.0 2014-11-08 Christian Monstein
How to Verify the SNR of a Receiver Based on the AD8307 Logarithmic Detector SNR_log_V01_Reeve1.pdf (492 KB) 1.0 2014-09-01 Christian Monstein
Noise || Noise: Y-factor versus Signal-to-Noise Ratio NoiseVsNoiseMonstein_V02.pdf (570 KB) 2.0 2014-03-16 Monstein & Reeve
Erstes Callisto Sonnenradiospektrometer in Grönland ORION_Greenland_Monstein_V00.pdf (666 KB) 1.0 2016-07-16 Christian Monstein
Allan Time SARA_Monstein_Allan_Time_V1.pdf (170 KB) 1.0 2012-04-15 Christian Monstein
Radio Interference versus Receiver Sensitivity Hyde_May2012.pdf (138 KB) 1.0 2012-08-04 Christian Monstein
Improving long time stability of a radio astronomy receiver FridgeMonstein_V01.pdf (406 KB) 1.0 2014-03-22 Christian Monstein
A new Callisto solar radio burst station has been set into operation in Germany NewCallistoEssenGermany_V1.pdf (687 KB) 1.0 2013-11-18 Christian Monstein
Observation of Cygnus A and Galactic Background with a Callisto Radio Spectrometer CygnusObservationMonstein_V02.pdf (562 KB) 0.2 2014-01-09 Christian Monstein
Redundant observation and correlation of solar radio bursts Burst-Correlation-V02_R2.pdf (729 KB) 2.0 2013-10-28 Christian Monstein
33 Years of Continuous Solar Radio Flux Observations 33YearSolarFlux_V05.pdf (635 KB) 5.0 2015-09-25 Christian Monstein
Production of an X-band horn after a design of Dick Turrin, W2IMU SARA_X-Band Septum Horn W21MU_Rv3.pdf (759 KB) 3.0 2015-08-03 Christian Monstein
e-Callisto Solar Burst Monitoring Network ~100% Coverage accomplished Percent100_V0_Rv1.pdf (498 KB) 1.0 2013-03-18 Christian Monstein
First light from student P. K., Eschenbach/Switzerland on 6-8 June 2014 Student_Pascal_Keller_Rev1.pdf (575 KB) 1.0 2014-06-09 Christian Monstein
Can we see the Milky Way with LWA antenna and Callisto spectrometer? MilkyWay_LWA_V00_Rv01.pdf (653 KB) 1.0 2014-07-19 Christian Monstein
First light from new LWA at Bleien observatory, Switzerland on 12 June 2014 Bleien_LWA.pdf (599 KB) 2.0 2014-06-16 Christian Monstein
The Lizard Wireless Station of Guglielmo Marconi Marconi_V01.pdf (680 KB) 1.02014-08-02 Christian Monstein
Biggest Radio-Telescope in Northern Europe, the RT-32 in Latvia Biggest Radio_Rv2.pdf (784 KB) 1.0 2014-06-22 Christian Monstein
Preamplifiers for Callisto LNA Comparison_Reeve1-1.pdf (908 KB) 1.0 2013-06-30 Reeve and Monstein
FM notch filter in front-end behind the low noise amplifier of a Callisto Radio Spectrometer in Gauribidanur, India Notch-Gauribidanur_V00.pdf (494 KB) 0.0 2014-03-22 Christian Monstein
Self produced radio interference due to badly designed dc power supply Monstein_rfi_2013_RvEdit2.pdf (164 KB) 2.0 2013-09-01 Christian Monstein
Detection of a strong rfi-threat in the BINGO frequency range due to the new Chinese satellite navigation system COMPASS at 1207.4 MHz Monstein_rfi_compass_V2.pdf (96 KB) 2.0 2013-05-26 Christian Monstein
Lightning destroys low noise amplifier in a new Callisto observatory Monstein_lightningstroke_RvEdit2 (165 KB) 1.0 2013-05-26 Christian Monstein
Global Solar Observatory flares into life, Nature News, 17 Februar 2011 Link 1.0 2011-02-17 Nicola Nosengo
M9.3 flare observed in Mauritius Link 1.0 2011-08-04 Gauribidanur Rajasekhara
Do I need a preamplifer? Link 1.0 2013-06-17 W. D. Reeve, C. Monstein
Windows 7 USB-Serial Adapter problem report Link 1.0 2013-06-18 W. D. Reeve
Modeling the Long Wavelength Array Crossed-Dipole Antenna (LWA) Link 1.0 2014-02-01 W. D. Reeve
Callisto Burst catalog (natural and man-made). Please give credit to Christian Monstein, Radio Astronomy Support, Freienbach, Switzerland Burst catalog (5505 KB) 2.9 2024-03-18 Christian Monstein (IRSOL)
Crossmodulation in Callisto systems caused by strong FM-tansmitters Crossmodulation (83 KB) 1.0 2012-06-09 Christian Monstein
Timing uncertainity lightning.pdf 1.0 2004-05-25 Monstein
Cosmic background radiation at 200MHz Determination of Allan-variance for CALLISTO Semarb_43.pdf (518KByte) 1.0 2003-11-02 Student A. Knecht
Allan-variance Callisto+LNA5000 at To all data from begin to the end, no selection. AllanVariance1.pdf (410KByte) 1.0 2004-05-25 Meyer
Allan variance Callisto+LNA5000 at To First 10'000 pixels deleted to get rid of thermal stabilisation process. AllanVariance2.pdf (412KByte) 1.0 2004-05-25 Meyer
Talk1 at ERAC/SETI - Symposium Heppenheim 2004 Callisto_TalkV1.ppt (1'965KByte) 1.1 2004-03-08 Monstein
Talk2 at ERAC/SETI - Symposium Heppenheim 2004 Callisto_TalkMeyer.ppt (2'428KByte) 1.5 2003.09.04 Meyer
Poster 75 Jahre USKA (1'692KByte) 1.0 2004-10-25 Meyer

Callisto Data Transfer and Preparation

Bericht_381.pdf (132KByte) 1.0 2004-07-16 Student Chr. Poepper
Cosmic Backround Radiation at 200MHz; Determination of the ALLAN-variance for several frequencies bericht_390.pdf (3'821KByte) 1.0 2004-11-19 Student Simon Bruderer
CALLISTO - A New Concept for Solar Radio Spectrometers Callisto.pdf (331KByte) 1.0 2004-06-28 Benz, Monstein, Meyer
Evaluation of an optimized antenna cable for e-Callisto Antcables.pdf (668KByte) 1.0 2006-10-16 Monstein
Presentation of CALLISTO at IHY-workshop in Bangalore Nov/Dec 2006 Monstein_Callisto_IHY.pdf (4491KByte) 1.0 2006-12-19 Monstein
General presentation at Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) ROBpresentation.pdf (9'235KByte) 05 2008-06-13 Monstein
Presentation of Callisto at ISWI meeting in Morocco 2009-11-20 MoroccoPresentationMonstein.pdf (3428KB)




Example for a site evaluation at Humain, Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) HumainSpec.pdf (1135KB) 1 2009-11-23 Monstein
Example for a site evaluation at SSRT in Badary, Siberia, Russian Federation GeoMag7_09MonsteinLO.pdf (130KB) 1 2009-11-23 Monstein
Radio Observations of Weak Energy Releases In The Solar Corona Weak_Burst.pdf (308 KB) 1 2010-07-20 R. Ramesh et. al.
Tracking CME effects from 'the Sun to the mud' Link 1 2011-05-22 Peter Gallagher, Pietro Zucca, Eoin Carley and Joe McCauley
Metsahovi Radio Observatory measured a strong solar eruption at radio frequencies Link 1 2011-06-10 Juha Kallunki
Solar radio silence ended
Solar radio observations at Humain
A peculiar radio burst
Christophe Marque et. al.
Christophe Marque et. al.
Christophe Marque et. al.
Antenna gain of APRAXOS derived from a solar transit Mathcad - AntGainCalc.pdf (39 KB) 1 2001-12-08 Monstein
Way of creation of super gain formula for parabolic dishes gainform.pdf (67 KB) 1 2002-03-04 Monstein
How did Kraus (1986) get the crazy factor 4/3? kraus4div3.pdf (87 KB) 1 2003-03-12 Monstein
Figuring noise figure noise.pdf (71 KB) 1 2002-03-09 Monstein
How to determine antenna temperature in solar radio astronomy? ta_form.pdf (82 KB) 1 2002-03-03 Monstein
Observation of Virgo A with a 10 m parabola antenna virgo.pdf (444 KB) 1 2002-08-04 Monstein
Nachweis des Supernovaüberrestes 'Taurus A' im Radiofrequenzbereich bei 435 MHz mit Amateurmitteln ORIONTAU.pdf (176 KB) 2 2001-05-12 Monstein
Problematik des Raumwinkels einer Quelle (solid angle) am Beispiel unseres Mondes source.jpg (72 KB) 1 2001-05-07 Monstein
Amateuroberservation of the Solar Radio Noise SOLAR.pdf (44 KB) 1 2000-11-25 Monstein
Wirklich Berauschendes Berauschends.pdf (86 KB) 7 2006-10-28 Monstein
Sonne-Mond-Korrelations-Interferometer zur Messung der absoluten Geschwindigkeit des Sonnensystems SMORION4.pdf (124 KB) 4 2000-11-25 Monstein
Höhenmessung mittels Seeinterferometer unter Ausnutzung der solaren Radiostrahlung Seeinterfero.pdf (115 KB) 1 2001-04-07 Monstein
Die Mondtemperatur bei lambda 2.77cm Mond2001V2German.pdf (198 KB) 2 2001-06-12 Monstein
Radiobeobachtung Fragment (A, H, Q1) des Kometen Shoemaker-Levy 9 JUPITER.pdf (46 KB) 1 2000-11-26 Monstein
Werkzeuge für den Amateurastronomen, CYGNUS Aequatoriale in horizontale Koordinaten, Registrierung der Radioquelle CYGNUS A (Radiogalaxie) MathCadExample.pdf (52 KB) 1 2001-04-29 Monstein
ORION-Publikationen 179....234 ORION.htm (Total: 3.17 MByte) 1 2000-12-29 Monstein