Callisto Hardware, Non-Conformance Reports (NCR), Engineering Change Requests (ECR) and Digital Satellite Equipment Control (DiSEqC)

1. Data sheets, descriptions of hardware , sub-systems and components File, Link Issue
Instrument specification (part of the operating manual) eCallistoSpecification.pdf(18 KByte) 1.05, 2014-07-16
Detailed construction manual [original] (W. Reeve, Alaska) CallistoConstructionManual (~ 5.6 MByte) Link
Detailed construction manual [local copy] (W. Reeve, Alaska) CallistoConstructionManual (~ 5.6 MByte) 2.2, 14 Mar 2018
Description and specification of Philips tuner CD1316L/IV CD1316L/IV (460 KB) 3.00, 2001-03-01
Description and specification of Philips tuner CD1316LS/IHP-3 CD1300LS/IHP-3 (760 KB) D, 2005-09-01
Printed circuit board design (TARGET3001) for CD1316L/IV combi.T3001 (313 KB) 1.00, 2006-10-18
Cables from PCB to backplane cables.T3001 (30 KB) cables.gif (210 KB) 2.10, 2007-08-31
Front- and backplate drawing front.gif (23 KB)  back.gif (16 KB) 1.00, 2006-10-18
Schematics and PCB-Layout as WORD-Document prototype version 2006-2009
Improved version containing most of the change requests 2009-2011  (HAM-version for FUNKAMATEUR)
SchematicsAndLayout.doc (763 KB)
Schematics and Layout PCB HAM4_Callisto.zip (368 KB)
1.00, 2009-09-14
2.00, 2011-08-06
Checklist to be filled in during manufacturing CheckList.doc (46 KB) 1.80, 2018-03-15
Manufacturing, assembly and test procedures mait.doc (3989 KB) 1.80, 2011-06-21
Design documents about Gauribidanur Heliograph logarithmic periodic dipole antenna LPDA  30-150 MHz, written be Ch. V. Sastry, Bangalore Heliograph (1808 KB) 1.00, 1992
Antenna specification of a dual polarized logarithic periodic dipole antenna University of Mauritius for 100-900 MHz. Author unknown. Mauritius (42 KB) 1.00, 2014
LPDA description of Space Weather Monitoring Center SWMC in Cairo Egypt. Egypt (2414 KB) 1.00, 2014

2. Nonconformance reports NCR File, Link Issue
PCB design error on ADC reference voltage NCR20070903.pdf (47 KB) 1.00, 2007-09-03
Design error in matching network of I2C bus NCR20090518.pdf (41 KB) 1.00, 2009-05-18
Configuration control I2C bus network I2C-status.txt (2 KB) Dynamic
PCB design error in feed back of AGC voltage NCR20090625.pdf (14 KB) 1.00, 2009-06-25
PCB design error in voltage divider of input voltage (supply) NCR20100223.pdf (36 KB) 1.00, 2010-02-23
General design error in external clock signal path NCR20110617.pdf (35 KB) 1.00, 2011-06-17
Configuration control clock signal path clock-status.txt (1 KB) Dynamic

3. Engineering change requests ECR File, Link Issue
Direct access to detector voltage for testing and data analysis (Monstein) ECR_2010-01-01.pdf (18 KB) 1.00, 2010-01-01
Optimization frequency conversion (Monstein & Reeve) ECR_2012-04-02.pdf (9 KB) 1.00, 2012-04-02

4. DISEqC controller. Interface with USB-port to control two satellite rotors File, Link Issue
Description of the DISEqC-USB-interface (currently 3 units on stock) Doku Diseqc.pdf (765 kB) V04, 17.12.2018
TARGET3001-source file Diseqc_V1.1.T3001 (125 kB) V1.1, 19.06.2018
Firmware in C for Arduino Micro Easy_Diseqc.ino (6 kB) V1.1, 20.06.2018
Python script to control two rotors, assembled as azimuth-/elevation tracker sunpos_AZI_ELE.py (3 kB) V1.0, 14.09.2017
Python script to control two rotors, assembled as hour angle-/declination tracker sunpos_HA_DEC.py (3 kB) V1.0, 14.09.2017