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Solar Radio Flux by Christian Monstein

Dynamic solar radio noise is measured daily with low cost instrumentation (CALLISTO). Data are stored locally on a harddisc of a standard Windows notebook.
Every 15 minutes a FIT-file is uploaded to the central data-server at FHNW in Brugg/Windisch.
Antenna (LPDA) is automatically tracking the sun via a DiSEqC controller and two satellite rotors.
Tracking data and rotor commands are generated by a RaspBerry Pi 4.
Both CALLISTO and RaspBerry Pi 4 are connected via WiFi to the internal network.

Actual measurements

Frequency agile solar radio spectrometer CALLISTO-01.
Frequency range 1150 MHz - 1750 MHz.
Antenna LPDA from Wittenberg company, Germany.
Sun tracker based on two satellite rotos (DiSEqC).

Frequency agile solar radio spectrometer CALLISTO-02.
Frequency range 10 MHz - 80 MHz.
Antenna BICONE from Schwarzbeck company, Germany.

Weather station WH65LP


Schematics of L-band solar radio spectrometer CALLISTO including sun-tracker and calibration unit.

Night view of antenna tracker (azimuth + elevation) and LPDA.