1998/11/23, 10:56:47 - 10:57:44 UT

Clearly audible reverse drifting type III-like structures, especially in the second part of the sample. Such bursts are interpreted by electron beams accelerated in the corona and moving toward lower altitudes. This is an example, where the accoustic representation reveals the structures more clearly than the pictorial representation. The second, downward drifting burst is more difficult to hear due to the large number of concurrent intense channels.

The spectrum was recorded on 1998/11/23, 10:56:47 - 10:57:44 UT between 1140-2280 MHz, with 8 ms total integration time per pixel. A threashold at 54 sfu above background is subtracted. The frequency mapping is tempered pentatonic and the note duration is 0.1 s.