Workshop dates:             May 28 to June 8, 2018
Registration deadline:     January 31, 2018
Acceptance date:             February 28, 2018

Target Participants

PhD students from developing regions in Africa, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Mauritrius. Applications from post-docs and young faculty members showing proven interest to moving into radio astronomy, with emphasis on CME and type II solar radio bursts, will also be welcome.

Selection of Participants

COSPAR attaches considerable importance to the selection of students on the basis of merit, so no distribution according to countries of origin can be guaranteed. However, the importance of meeting the needs of the host country are understood, and a certain level of preference for students from the host country is assumed. As a rule of thumb, at least 50% of the participants should come from countries in the region other than the host country.
“Merit” includes scientific background, ability and potential, but also likelihood of benefiting in research career from attending the workshop and relationship to relevant home country scientific policies.

Applicants will be required to provide a CV, a description of their research to date, an explanation on how they would use the workshop to further their research, and a supporting recommendation from their supervisor or head of department.

The selection will be made by a panel designated by Dr. Abraha, Dr. Teklu, Prof. Gopalswamy and Prof. Mendez

Applicants will be required to provide:

-  CV,
- Two letters of recommendation
- A one-page letter that explains how the attendance at this workshop would benefit your future.
- A research proposal for a project that you would like to undertake during the workshop.
- A list of publications (if you are student and have published, you should also provide this list). 

Note: Lodging and meals will be covered by the sponsors for all the attendants.

Details about the registration process and request for financial support can be downloaded from:

- registration_form (doc) - (pdf)

- support_form (doc) - (pdf)

Documents should be sended by e-mail to : TBD

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