Pocket guide for installing Anaconda with Python 2.7 and Spyder:

Download site for Anaconda:  (select your operating system and Python 2.7 and decide for 32-bit or 64-bit)

All examples below are tested under Anaconda Python 2.7 and Spyder. All examples are including -of at least- one FIT-file to start with.
- Python script to plot drift rate of a type II solar radio burst (1 KB)
- Python script to plot plasma frequency in solar corona (1 KB)
- Python most basic example to quickly plot a FIT-file (518 KB)
- Python basic Example_00 (756 KB)
- Python basic Example_01 (697 KB)
- Python basic Example_02 (655 KB)
- Python basic Example_03 (645 KB) this example is based on SunPy {Library needs to be installed as: pip install SunPy}
- Python example to plot FIT-file with file dialog (1386 KB)
- Python example with almost perfect time-axis labling (676 KB)
- Python example to derive CME velocitiy based on Newkirk model (3292 KB)
- Python script to plot spectral overview of Callisto (rfi-monitoring) with file dialog (310 KB)

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