The Capacity Building Workshop will consist of tutorials and lectures in the morning and hands-on computer sessions in the afternoon. The lectures will cover topics of solar physics, data analysis, and instrumental and software issues related to the missions mentioned above. The afternoon sessions will provide the students with experience concerning online access to data and models, state-of-the-art data analysis tools and modelling techniques.

All the activities will take place at the conference room of the Axum Hotel. The room has enough space to host all the participants and the lecturers comfortably.

Two software tools will be used throughout the workshop. For data analysis, a web-based tool has been developed. The participants will be able to make measurements from images and movies on the web (e.g., and generate data. For analysing these data, the Python software will be used. Participants will be given instructions beforehand to install the Python code on their computers. Instructions will be provided for various platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux). One of the SOC members will interact with the students.

The participants will be asked to bring their own laptops. On the one hand this is useful because this way they have the software installed in their own computers when they go home. On the other hand, this could be a problem given that students will have a large variety of laptops types, with different CPU, memory and disk capacity, with different operating systems and, even for the same operating system, they may have different software, software versions, and libraries installed.

For this reason, the minimum hardware requirements (CPU, RAM and disk space) will be carefully discussed among the lecturers and organisers before the meeting and will be communicated to the participants in advance.

The organisers have indicated that initially the only software that the students need to have installed in their laptops is a running version of Python 2.7.

The host will also make available a few desktops or laptops for those students who do not have a laptop. All the required software will be already installed in those desktops/laptops.

Detailed program {TBD} will be given later here.

Version: 2018/01/04